Blustery Bondi Mornings

One of the things I love best about living right on the coast is the amount of options it gives you every day, surf, run, photograph, or wander on the beach with a strong coffee in one hand and a soft arm under your other. I set my alarm for well before sun-up yesterday morning, intending on going for a cruise with my camera, but awoke to freezing rain, blustery winds and grey skies - it was not looking inspiring. I decided to give it a go anyway, partly hoping I might get lucky and partly because hell I was already up, and then one long, horizontal slit in the clouds to the north-east cast some beautiful orange and gold hues across the beach for about 15 minutes whilst the sun was coming up before returning to a featureless grey.

The cold weather meant Bondi was looking particularly barren and devoid of life this morning, not something you get to see very often, which together with the eerie red-grey hazy meant things looked a little bit apocalyptic to my eyes, something I tried to capture in the photos below. 

As the light turned to rubbish, and the few guys out looked like they were having a cracking time, I quickly dashed home, put down my camera, picked up my board and went for a quick paddle (still a kook unfortunately), all before 8 30.

I can't express how lucky I feel to live here.