Octopus's Garden



So I got a new GoPro Hero 4 and a floaty handle recently and finally got a chance to take it out this weekend. The cold / rainy snap we endured the last week or two ended and we had beautiful blue, cloudless skies and crystal clear waters. Unfortunately, the surf was tiny, so there wasn't a lot going on above the surface. Fortunately, there was still a fair bit going on underneath.

Being the first time Ive used one of these it certainly took some getting used to the insanely wide angle, you really have to get right in amongst the action or it very quickly fades off into the distance. Luckily for me, no one out in the water seemed to be too perturbed by me swimming directly underneath / around them with a bright yellow gopro handle and a shit eating grin. 

I was incredibly surprised with the image quality of the GoPro, and being able to shoot 30 images per second means you rarely miss any action, but it also means if you get a bit trigger happy (as I did) you come home with over 2200 photos after about 45 minutes in the water. 

Didn't get too many keepers in comparison to the amount of shots I took (Ray Collins I ain't - check his stuff out if you haven't before and you'll never look at a wave the same way again), but this definitely has the workings of a new addiction.