Golden Minutes

getthehelloutofbed - 0548 AM

Life (read - work) it seems, has a habit of getting in the way of things. The last few weeks have typically involved leaving the house by 6 and returning home after 7, leaving precious little time to shoot or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors. It was all I could do to grab a few minutes here and there.

So I awoke last Saturday, and decided to head down before sunrise to see what would happen. And it was epic. And colorful. And after an hour of messing about I was in a great mood. And then, returning to the ramp at the south end of the beach, I realised someone had stolen my thongs. I was crestfallen.

A pair of $20 thongs may not seem like much, but a small part of me was always buoyed by the fact that everyone could leave their shoes unattended, thrown together at the back of one of the most popular beaches in the country, frequented by people from all over the globe, and always have them there when they returned. Its such a  small thing, but I did it all the time, and it always made me feel a little more positive about people and the world in general. It may not make much sense, but hey.

So to whomever stole my well-worn in, stereotypical black havianas, may they take you all over the world on great adventures, see some grand things, and then simultaneously blow out and have you fall flat on your face. 

Bonus shots at the end of a quick 10 minutes grabbed last Monday morning as the world was waking up.

pastel blur

pastel blur

one flew over the cuckoos nest - cause the place is full of nutbags


preparation is key

crouching tiger hidden board

icarus of the sea

icarus of the sea

morning rituals

dangerous currents of love amiright

bonus I

bonus II

bonus III

bonus IV