soph and andy

young love & old souls

centennial park wedding, superintendents residence

Some times, you just have to do things your own way. Soph and Andy decided to do away a few of the more traditional aspects of a wedding day by spending the night before the wedding together with their closest friends at the superintendents residence, decorating and setting the whole place themselves, and had breakfast together on the floor of their bedroom before getting ready together. Each had both of their parents walk them down the aisle, eschewing the whole ‘boy waits for girl to be brought to him by her father’ motif. 

Sophie and Andy met through friends, bonded over a shared love of climbing rocks indoors, and very quickly moved in and began sharing their lives together. Not much later they were engaged.

The moment they were announced husband and wife and shared a kiss, it was as if the whole world melted away, and it was evident to everyone that they were completely lost in the moment, and in each other - you could almost see the surprise on their faces when they came back to themselves and realised they were standing in front of 80 odd people, it was beautiful to watch.

The day took place at the superintendents residence at centennial park which oozes old world charm by the fistful, fitting the style and temperament of these two young lovers with old souls. The entire affair was even vegan to boot, with catering supplied by Galaxy Vegan.

Sophie also organises and plans kick-ass weddings and events for a living at Help Me Host (here), and managed to co-ordinate the whole wedding whilst also being the (equally with Andy) most important person in it, quite a feat (side note - using airtasker to delegate out tasks for your wedding day is genius).