sam and matt

superintendent’s residence wedding - centennial park

Relationships can be defined by different characteristics. Some are intense and cerebral, some are quiet and comforting. These two, to me, are defined by a shared, unrestrained joy of being. I always actively try to make the photo-shoot part of the day an affirming experience, an addition to the day that you’ll fondly look back on as opposed to something you have to get through, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone have quite this much unadulterated fun as this.

That doesn’t say, however, that it wasn’t without depth of feeling. In between all the giddiness Matt had to pause multiple times throughout the ceremony to dry his eyes and catch his voice, Sam shared some heartwarming and emotive moments with, in particular and amongst others, her dad and nan, and Matt with his mum and cousin.

Some moments to look out for

  • Sam’s nan seeing her dressed before the ceremony, followed by her dad

  • Matt getting overwhelmed during the ceremony

  • Matt copping a face full of confetti immediately after the ceremony

  • An enormous wedgie after a mid photo-shoot beer break

  • Sam and her dad, and Matt and his mum getting overwhelmed during their speeches

  • Sam and her nan, who normally has to use a walker, absolutely losing it on the dancefloor