sam and andrew

bootin' and scootin'

south coast wedding, nsw

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These two met almost by accident in a little bar in Montana. One of Andrew's friends had to call him three times to convince him to come out to meet a couple of travelling Australian girls and pry him away from his studies - by the end of the night exams were the last thing on his mind.

This one was a reminder that a wedding day is about much more than just the two people at the centre. Its about family, and history, and an all enveloping sense of communion. I loved seeing Sam's close relationship with her grandpa play out throughout the entirety of the day, and watching Andrew - who Sam had never seen cry throughout the entire course of their relationship - pushed to the edge of tears at his mum's words after the ceremony. It's the little stories like this that make these days so memorable.

The day was completely DIY and took place on Sam's parents property in Brogo in southern NSW. Friends officiated and took on hair and make up while Sam's parents took down the washing as the last of the decorations were being put in place. At the the end of the day, a two piece band played country music and everybody boot scooted until long after the sun went down. Let it not be said that Montanan's don't know how to dance.



PS Keep an eye out for the amazing bouquet toss catch sequence at the end.