martyne and dave

centennial park wedding

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Typical boy meets girl story. Girl see's boy wearing double denim on a dating app and rewards the bold, fashion-forward thinking with a hello. Fast forward a few conversations and catch ups and the two were donning full-body lycra and galavanting around Centennial Park on their bicycles (a passion they found out they share is pushing themselves beyond their limits of endurance - both have completed multiple triathlons). Maybe not so typical.

Whilst it was obvious that their relationship is all about sparking joy in one another - barely a moment passed when they weren't wearing ear to ear grins - the day was most definitely not without it's more tender, emotive moments. One particularly moving scene (shown below) took place when Dave, during his speech, was overcome with emotion whilst talking about his mum's role in shaping their family and unable to continue, and his brother Michael came to stand beside him, resting one hand on his arm and another on his back until he could gather himself and continue. It was a poignant reminder that weddings are about much more than story of the two people at the centre of it all, and that they can be a catalyst to think about, and publicly acknowledge, a whole range of important relationships that might otherwise go unsaid. 

The day ended with one hell of a party, with a kicking, espresso-martini-fuelled dancefloor filled with heaving bodies and killer tunes supplied by Voli K at the  beautiful Centennial Homestead.