lala and paul

palm beach wedding

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This day was one of the most ecstatically joyful celebrations I have seen in a long time. The ceremony was peppered with fist pumps - both in the air and person to person - cheers, hi-5’s and big broad faced grins (as well as a few requisite joyful tears). I drove Lala and Paul from the ceremony to the reception after we went for a wander to take a few photo’s and Lala could not stop saying ‘I’m having so much fun!’ - Never have I seen two people so physically ecstatic to be wed.

Paul’s dad, at one point immediately after the ceremony, wrapped Paul in a big bear hug and exclaimed “I’m so proud of you I don’t want to let you go” as they shared a long embrace, tears streaming down his face. It was a particularly beautiful moment in a day full of them, and goes to show that wedding’s are about much more than the relationship of the two people in the middle of it all. They are an excuse to show or say, in some small way or another, the love and gratitude you have for those you surround yourself with.

Lala and Paul met through friends at an old share house that Lala lived in - one of those inner west houses that has a rotating roster of housemates and is a constant supply of parties and good times – after which Paul kept making excuses to come over. Fast forward a few years and Lala, who had never been one for extended exercise, started training for triathlon’s and iron man’s with Paul predominantly so they could spend more time together. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

What a day.