jess + justin

cheeky grins and tears

the grounds wedding, alexandria

I must say I had been looking forward to this one for a while.

It goes without saying that the Grounds is unbelievably beautiful (which makes me happy as a photographer), but more importantly this one was charged with all the emotion and feeling one could hope for on a wedding day (which makes me happy as a human). On the way to the aisle, just catching a glimpse of one of Justin's uncles was enough to bring all the emotion's Jess had been reigning in all day bursting forth with tears. 

Seeing big families who are obviously so close is alway buoying, and Jess and her dad in particular have a beautiful relationship. You could see the depth of feeling in his eyes, in the way he looked at her as she was getting ready when he thought no one was watching, in the way he sprung to her side with a cheeky grin and a hug the moment she was overwhelmed on her way to the ceremony. 

Jess and Justin have three rescue dogs, a house with a backyard and the beginnings of a life together. For both of them, the day was full of laughter and love and mischievous grins and drunken dancing, and with a few quiet, tender moments of reflection when they found themselves alone. As always, but particularly so this day, I find myself so lucky to be trusted with these intimate, vulnerable moments that few get to witness and fewer still experience.