jess and andy

newcastle wedding

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Jess and Andy are both super independent and intelligent - they work in engineering and AI development respectively - but they share a love of things as diverse as video games to training and taekwondo, all of which they do together. 

They met in high school, when exam marks and formals and awkward teenage parties where still a thing, and now have an inner-city apartment, a cat, the starts of a couple of successful, interesting careers and the beginnings of a life together. People grow and mature into who they are a lot between 18 and your late twenties, and they've done it all side by side, influencing and guiding and supporting one another along the way. 

What a freaking cracking Newcastle day. The ceremony took place on a hill overlooking Mereweather Beach, the sun just dipping down over the hills on the horizon as they were joined in front of those they love. The reception took place at The Lock Up, an incredible new art / event space in the Newcastle CBD.

First looks always make me happy. The look on Jess' face when she saw Andy for the first time was magic.