honey & jairo

Merribee house

These two have one of the best how did you meet stories I have heard in recent times. Out at a bar with friends one night Honey spotted Jairo across the way and thought he was cute. Sometime later they struck up a conversation which - due to Jairo’s recent arrival from Brazil and at the time very basic English - went something like this “Do you have a boyfriend?”, “No”, ' “Do you want?”, “..No”. Somehow Jairo convinced Honey to let him take her out to lunch the next day and told her he would pick her up, whereafter she ended up waiting at home for over three hours wondering where he was - her first introduction to Brazil’s more relaxed social norms around what constitutes being on time.

Despite such humble beginnings, the two of them quickly became enamoured with one another, she with his selflessness and uncompromising positivity, and he with, well, everything. They now live in a little house in Melbourne with two dogs and the beginnings of a life together.

This one was a great reminder of a lot of things. Of the importance of family of community, of being yourself, of the unexpectedly life changing things that can happen when you take a chance. A few moments to look out for;

  • Jairo opening his speech like a high octane hip-hop gig and then immediately doing a 180 and becoming overwhelmed when he started talking about how Honey’s family welcomed him and provided him with a sense of family away from home

  • Their dogs - one of which lots it’s mind at me halfway through the ceremony for getting a little too close

  • As a matter of fact, all the emotions brought our during the speeches

  • A golden costume change

  • Lots of particularly emotive embraces straight after the ceremony

  • Honey seeing her parents for the first time after she was dressed

  • Jairo’s suit - I asked if it was some sort of Brazilian inspired design but no, it was just him

  • Merribee House, looking amazing as always.



Venue - Merribee House

Floral Styling - Flowers on The Mill