harriette and huw

clovelly bowling club wedding

Having already been together for the better part of a decade and already committed to a life together, whilst holidaying in Denmark Huw took Harriette to Noma - literally the world’s top restaurant - and then for reasons unbeknownst to well, even himself, proposed to her at the bus stop on the way back to their accomodation. This set the tone for the wedding, I feel, where beautiful, grand gestures were made but expectations of a typical wedding day were somewhat subverted.

It was a masterclass in doing it your own way. They are both creative in their own fashion, Huw works in design and fronts a band in his spare time and Harriette studied as an interior architect.

Harriette and Huw (aka Harrie and young Nick Cave...just me?) were into the idea of getting married and having a big party, but less into the whole wedding thing. So, they booked a bowls club on the coast for the day, hired a food truck to serve everyone burgers immediately after the ceremony, bought lots of beers, and crafted something to their own tastes. They met up at the Old Clare before the ceremony, to have a drink and ease the (not really existent) nerves and walked each other down the aisle. Harrie’s Mum even studied to be a celebrant just so she could officiate, and when her paper work didn’t come through in time they got a friend of a friend to legally marry them a few days before at their house. It was one for the books.

It was the perfect mix of modern day sensibilities and tradition, of joy and heart, of bowls, burgers, beers and sentiment.



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