emma and matt

gunners barracks wedding

Emma is a teacher. She loves her job and is, by all reports, really freaking good at it. It’s a source of joy, of an immense satisfaction borne of a feeling of contributing to the development of young minds. It’s her dream. And she’s giving it up for a few years to move to New York with Matt, and fulfil his dream of living overseas with her by his side, of having a big adventure together before moving back home and starting a family together.

I learned about this during Matt’s speech towards the end of the night. Upon starting to relate this part of their story he immediately became overwhelmed and couldn’t speak, and so Emma came up out of her seat to strengthen and support him.

That moment, to me, more than any other spoke volumes about the depth and maturity of their love for one another, and of each of them as individuals. Emma, for loving Matt enough to temporarily put her dream on hold to help him achieve one of his (don’t get me wrong, I’m sure they are both going to have a KILLER time in the process), and Matt, for the overwhelming sense of gratitude, love and recognition that was clearly writ in the expression on his face and the tears in his eyes.

All of this says nothing of the plethora of moments each of them shared with their families, how close each of them are with their siblings, and dozens of other relationships that mean the world to each them.

This day had it all. Offensively cute kids, huge amounts of joy, tears at requisite times, and it all descended into an outrageous party.

Some moments to look out for;

  • The speech mentioned above, and everyone’s reactions

  • Emma, overcome with both joy and tears while we made a few portraits in the morning before heading off

  • Matt’s face when he see’s Emma for the first time

  • Emma’s niece and nephew repeatedly trying to steal the show

  • A bit of pants-less dancing