davida & Matt

porteño wedding 

Weddings, by and large, tend to be more about the amalgamation of a whole bunch of smaller moments than the large ones - of little interactions with loved ones and each other as opposed to the pronouncement of being married or any grand gestures. They also tend to be about so much more than just the relationship at the centre of it all. I’ve said it before, but one of my favourite things about weddings are that they’re also an excuse and reason to celebrate ALL the love in your life. To critically think about and thank all the people that have gotten you to where you are, shaped the way you view the world, or have just been there for the highs and the lows. I firmly believe even just the act of thinking and putting words to the gratitude you have and reasons you love someone can bring you closer and add to your relationships, wether with your partner or anyone else in your life (which is part of why I always suggest people wrote their own vows - even if they only say them to each other in private at some point during the day). 

Rarely has all this been as evident as it was here.

There was a lot of big memorable moments, but to me the ones that spoke the loudest of Davida and Matt and who they are were inevitably their interactions. It was the emotion write large on Davida’s face as she saw her dad for the first time on the day and he walked her down the aisle - over a decade after being diagnosed with early onset dimentia and something that meant a lot to her - it was the time they set aside to spend with Matt’s 99 year old grandma after the ceremony who watched from her wheelchair from the balcony, it was the way Davida’s mum (and I was probably the only one who noticed this) silently stood and didn’t take her eyes off of her for a long stretch amidst all the chaos of Davida’s friends fawning over her and helping her get ready, it was the alternating hilarity and joy and then tears on their faces during Matt’s brothers speech, and the way they looked at each other while they were giving theirs. It was all these and so many more.

They got married in the backyard of Matt’s beautiful family home in Gordon which Matt’s mum had spent months pruning and whipping it into shape, and then carried the celebrations onto Porteño, which continues to be my favourite inner city venue by a mile.

This is one I won’t forget for a while.