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I'm a big proponent of keeping the traditions you love whilst disregarding those that don't make any sense to you, and this was a textbook example. It was a beautiful, relaxed, non-traditional day. No bridal party, just a bunch of their closest friends getting ready with them after a big breakfast they put on together. They opted to see other for a first look before the ceremony, to get the nerves and some of the formalities out of the way, and then walked each other down the aisle, because gender roles be damned. 

During her speech, Bec mentioned that a lot of people, meeting Todd for the first time, only see the quiet facade and not the strong, witty, caring man that comes out once you get to know him. When I first met the two of them I must admit I thought the same thing. But after spending the day with them, seeing the way they look at each other, the words he said about her, I got to see both sides. 

They have been together for literally a decade, having met at a high school dance where they bonded - somewhat ironically - over their shared love of absolutely not being fans of school dances. People grow and mature into who they are a lot between 18 and your late twenties, and they've done it all side by side, influencing and guiding and supporting one another along the way. 

They both live, work, and play in the city - they share an amazing apartment down by the Quay, and so instead of heading to the Botanical Gardens, or Mrs Macquaries Chair, we went for a wander around this most beautiful of cities, telling stories and making some magic along the way.

Ceremony and reception venue / insane amounts of old school charm provided by Kittyhawk.

Brace yourselves, this is a long one.