amy and nick

sydney uni / the grounds of alexandria

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This relationship seemed, to me, to be all about sparking joy in one another, in shared laughter and experience, and the day was one that was defined by joy and celebration. Not ones to be drawn to the spotlight, but not daunted by it either, Amy and Nick married on the lawn at Sydney University, surrounded by all those they care about (as well as a large contingent of tourists who stopped by to see what all the fuss was about and accosted Amy on her way to the aisle to take selfies – a situation she handled with grace and laughter).

They met at the Newtown Hotel and have spent much of their lives together in the inner west, so after the ceremony we simply went for a walk through the streets of Newtown, the two of them laughing and cracking jokes and telling stories, basking in the late afternoon sun and each other’s contentment.

The night ended at The Grounds, with everyone with full stomachs and dancing feet. Highlight of the night was Nick belting out the Backstreet Boys, beer in hand, with a bunch of his friends fawning at his feet whilst Amy watched, an amused glint in her eye and a laugh in her belly.