Best of 2017 - 2.jpg

This year has been huge and enormous and inspiring and exhausting and a whole box full of hyperbolic adjectives. I shot 27 couples over my first full year - ranging from Centennial Park 5 minutes up the road to Hawaii - for my first year of being in business I’m pretty stoked, most of which was spent also working my old day job as an engineer whilst chasing this whole thing on the side until I quit to go full time a few months ago.

At times it was almost too much.

One of the things that most kept me going through it all was, without sounding to saccharine, the people I got to work with. Nothing is more rewarding then sending off a full set of shots from a wedding, or giving people a bunch of polaroids at the end of the day, and seeing all this heartfelt emotion well up as they relive all these beautiful moments.

It’s the f*%#ing best.

This job is the f*%#ing best.

I've got a whole lot of things in the works for 2018, and I can't wait to share them with you. One of the things I'm most excited about is the amount of good friends who's lives I'm going to get to document. It's a privilege. 

This is a little summary of the year that was, with a bunch of personal stuff thrown in for good measure.