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Hi, my name is Dane Tucker and I'm a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.
I do this because I love it.
I consider myself first and foremost a documentarian and observer and I think the best images inevitably derive from the moments in between moments (a fleeting glance, a subtle interaction) and best tell the real story of a day, a person, a relationship.
Mostly I want to tell the true story of your day as it played out and as it will exist in your head for years to come - the emotion, the silliness, the seriousness, and everything in between. I like to combine this with a few relaxed, naturally posed portraits (as well as a few creative ones) to tell the narrative not of just a wedding day, but of you and your relationship to each other as well. I want people who have never met you before to be able to see the images and get a sense of who you are, both as individuals and to each other.




Every time I capture a perfect moment, it gives me an indescribable rush. A joy. I work hard to get those moments. Let me create images for you that give you that same feeling. Let me tell and preserve your story for a lifetime.




Little brother. Hungry at least 75% of the time. Gets overly excited and oddly aggressive about a good sunrise. Surfs poorly. Reads extensively.

When not shooting weddings I'm generally capturing anything else that inspires or moves me (see the blog).

I was always a creative kid, I wrote veritable tomes of stories and poems, played music, and (of course) played around with the old film and disposable cameras we had lying around the house - my mum always naturally assumed I'd study journalism, arts, or creative writing. Fast forward a few years and I was studying and then practicing engineering, working your standard 9-5 and then some every day and indulging the technical side of my brain.

Until a one way ticket to South America, a second hand camera and 6 months exploring the world changed everything. I started a blog, documenting the trip through the lens of my camera and became completely addicted with telling stories through a visual medium.

This is the end result of that addiction.

Send me an email, lets talk.