tahnee and oscar

love and distance

palm beach wedding

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This is truly a relationship that spans borders. Tahnee and Oscar met at university in London, both studying abroad from their native Australia and Spain respectively. Facing the prospect of both leaving London, they decided that separation be damned and Oscar moved to Australia.  5 years later, it was Tahnee’s turn and they now live in a little apartment in Barcelona, with family and friends and loved one’s scattered around the globe.

The day was full of love, and laughter, and dancing and tears, and little tender moments permeated throughout. Tahnee’s dad Noel (described at one point during the night as the most emotional man in any room) was immediately overwhelmed at seeing his only daughter in her wedding dress for the first time and they shared a long, unspeaking embrace made all the more poignant for its silence.

Holding true with Spanish tradition, the groomsmen (one each of their siblings) visited Tahnee prior to the ceremony to recite poems they had written to convince the ‘reluctant’ bride to marry her suitor. The scene was equal parts hilarious and moving. Thankfully, she accepted.

It was an unbelievably glorious day, and it was obvious that these two are each other’s world, no matter where in the world that happens to be.



PS For those who have a few spare minutes I've put together a little video below (make sure you turn the sound up), or you can just keep scrolling down for all the highlights.