steve and nikki

change and constancy

mali brae farm wedding

The prevailing wisdom is that high school love affairs don't last. People inevitably change over time, and successful relationships are as much about being open to falling in love with who the other will become, as much as falling in love with person they are.

I actually went to uni with Steve, and when he reached out to me about his wedding I was both excited and nervous - I always feel extra pressure to perform with people I know. We hadn't seen each other in a while and he and Nikki had both been through a lot together in the intervening years - moves up and down the NSW coast, career changes and explorations. Two people fiercely independent but each who loved coming home to the other, the one constant that it turned out mattered the most. Prevailing wisdom be damned.

So, one fine Autumn day, they drove out into the NSW countryside , spent money and effort on things that would bring them joy, and were wed. There were no designer dresses here, no extravagant bridal party gifts - just a beautiful landscape, delicious food, a whole room full of people they had known, collectively and individually, for on average over a decade, and a rollicking good time.  

So here's to change, and constancy, and singers who get their kit off 45 seconds after the dinner service. 

What a party.



PS Mali Brae Farm could not be more beautiful, or the couple who own the place more lovely and helpful. 10/10 would get married there.