wedding and waves (and wind and cliffs)

coogee wedding

The story of these two is anything but typical.

Sensitive, ring designer / musician boy meets witty, blonde bombshell girl who bond over their mutual love of Marilyn Manson and all things metal. This was followed up by a first date involving a 10 hour road trip up the coast with just the radio and long stretches of Australian country side for company, where they fell into the kind of deep, meandering conversations that are engendered by two people who barely know each other being alone in a confined space for hours on end, and discovered the first inklings of something that would grow into something much more over time. They then didn't go out for a meal together for over a year, despite dating the whole time. When I found this out I was equal parts impressed and flabbergasted. 

As I said, anything but typical.

The wedding day was much the same. A complete DIY affair, they managed to find a striking spot perched on the cliffs north of Coogee at the end of a dog park of all places, where, despite the afternoon southerly threatening to turn Steph's dress and veil into a kite, they were married in front all the people they care about. The reception took place on the grounds of a local high school that Stephs dad is the property manager of - by the time they were done with it, they somehow managed to turn the hall into a scene that looked like it belonged somewhere between Hogwarts and the Great Gatsby, complete with piles of books from Stephs childhood on the tables and giant jenga for the kids (and kids at heart) in the adjoining courtyard. Even the wedding rings were done in-house, as Carl and his dad run a handcrafted jewellery business. 

What more is there to say? The band rocked, the Brazilian BBQ was mouthwatering, tears were shed, dances were had, people wrapped their whole bodies in fairy lights (see below), and the two people at the centre of it all looked at each other with deep contentment (when I asked Carl when he made the decision to propose, his response was "when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, it isn't really a decision at all"...what a legend).



PS For the photo nerds, a couple of the below black and whites were shot on an old medium format film camera, loaded with Tri-X. I love the romanticism and imperfection of shooting on film. 

PPS Carl and his dad's rings are legitimately bad-ass - check them out here.