shared adventure

lilyvale wedding, royal national park


When I first met these two, I think we spent more time comparing notes on favourite camping spot and adventure get aways than we did about the actual wedding - they are the kind of genuine, friendly, loving people I immediately get excited to capture stories for when I meet. 

Sam and Ben have travelled all over the continent together camping out the back of Ben's ute, and I can think of few better tests for a relationship than countless hours spent on the road, in a confined space, with nothing but the endless landscape and each other for company. When I asked what the default conversation was on these marathon escapades, Ben immediately replied Planning the next one. I guess when you find someone with whom you want to continually share such grand adventures with, it bodes pretty well for the future.

The wedding itself was a recipe for DIY - Sam's dad made the bar and flower boxes from old fence palings and they decorated the whole hall themselves the night before. Perhaps best of all they decided they wanted to spend the afternoon enjoying this picturesque, isolated, stunning little slice of Australiana all to themselves, so they opted for an early start to the day and a lunch reception, with vows recited, cakes cut, speeches speeched and festivities festivated all by 4 30. Afterwards, the 3 of us went for a little wander around the bush, before I left them to enjoy this paradise, and each other.



PS Lilyvale is one of my new favorite venues. They got the property for the whole weekend, could bring in whatever food and drinks they desired, and it's nestled less than an hours drive away from Sydney.