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Their story - boy meets girl by chance on her 18th birthday on a train platform and is immediately infatuated. Girl thinks boy has no sense of style (and finds out his mum buys all his clothes) but decides to give him a chance anyway. They dance, they drink, they joke, they kiss. A few short months later girl moves in with boy and 7 years later they get married, having spent no longer than a single week apart in all that intervening time. 

To meet two people that have come together so young, and come through so much together is always buoying. These two are a testament to the fact that lasting relationships are built on friendship. They've lived together for over 6 and a half years, are rarely apart, and still want few things more than to be in the others presence.

Reu and Dan both work in professions that strive to bring out the natural beauty in something. Reu is a make up artist, and Dan has his own landscape gardening business. All the speeches agreed that they bring out the best in each other, too.

Between them have a burgeoning business, a moving into a new house with a backyard (and a garden) and the beginnings of a life together. For both of them, the day was full of laughter and love and mischievous grins and drunken dancing, and with a few quiet, tender moments of reflection when they found themselves alone. As always, I find myself so lucky to be trusted with these intimate, vulnerable moments that few get to witness and fewer still experience.