pippy and tom

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q station wedding, manly

More than anything, this one was a joyous, raucous celebration (and definitely the first wedding I've been to where there was a surprise rap battle). Tom fist-pumped his way down the aisle after he and Pippy were proclaimed wife and man, and the jubilation was writ large across their (and everyones else's) faces for much of the rest of the day.

Im always buoyed when I see two people who have been together for more than a little while (10 years in their case) and been through the ups and downs of life still displaying just as much passion and depth of feeling as you would expect to see in a relationship that is still in its infancy. It shows that in the age of Tinder and instant gratification, two people can still retain a certain spark. It gives me hope, for them and for the rest of us. 

So here's to passion, and to hope, and balmy autumn days. And to surprise rap battles.