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Sometimes it takes a while to realise what's right in-front of you.

These two had been friends for years, part of the same close knit social circle, until one day they started being consistently the last two standing on nights out, and realised an unspoken mutual attraction - which remained unspoken for a while. Until one night, after both confessing their feelings to a friend before each other, they had a sneaky smooch before being driven to their home's by said friend and grabbing some drive-through on the way home. Each of them awoke the next day nursing a hangover and both a joy that it had finally happened, and fear that they had messed up a beautiful friendship. Luckily for a whole lot of us they most definitely had not.

She's a teacher, he's studying to be one. He's the tidy, organised, on-time one, and she's the creative. They work together so well and are two of the most genuine and freakin' lovely people you could hope to meet. 

What a hell of a day it was. They eschewed tradition in a whole bunch of ways, by getting married in winter, by both getting ready at their place and laying eyes for each other for the first time in their lounge-room with their loved ones just on the other side of the door, by having their ceremony indoors after the sun had gone down and kicking straight into the party.

Things to keep an eye out for

- Morgan's face as Sam read his self-written vows

- Sam & the worm

- the epic logo Morgan designed with their initials to go on the front of their invites and which they had made into a bright pink neon sign

- Morgan and her dad, and a whole bunch of beautiful moments they had together all day

- Eleanor, I'm not even remotely into cars and even I thought the Shelby Mustang was amazing



Venue - Cafe Morso

Morgan's Dress - Karen Willis Holmes

Celebrant - Scott Duncombe

Entertainment - The Vintage Stylus

Flowers and Floral Styling - Willow & Bear

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