joy and family

bushbank wedding, kiama


The south coast holds a special place in my heart. Once you get south of Kiama, the landscape seems to subtly shift to these eternally green, gently rolling hills, the towns become more and more spaced out, and the beaches slowly get emptier. Hundreds of places along this stretch of coast would present a beautiful spot for a wedding, but few would be as stunning as this. What could be more quintessentially Australian than getting married on a sizzling 37 degree summer day, under some ancient and enormous fig trees overlooking the ocean? What a place. What a day.

At one point in the day, immediately after the ceremony, Melinda and Chris shared a few embraces of congratulations, then immediately retired to the house at bushbank to change and bathe their young son Hudson as the little tyke was (understandably) sweating up a storm and not particularly relishing the situation. This might seem a trivial detail - a mother and father making sure their son is comfortable and cared for - but on a day that has involved months of investment of time and money and stress and preparation, for the comfort of their relative newborn to be the most pressing issue in their minds underscores to me both the importance of family in their lives, and how loving and great parents they are, and will be (as a side note - Hudson had to be one of the happiest young babies I have ever met, I challenge you not to meet a tiny human that seems, for no reason at all, to be stoked every time they see and not feel on top of the world).

Not all families are particularly close, and thats okay, but these seemed thick as thieves on both sides with lots of hugs, and tears, and quite possibly the best speech I've witnessed at a wedding thus far with Melinda's sisters doing their own remix of 5 or 6 90's classics and singing their story. 

So here's to family, late afternoon southerly changes, love, and stoked babies.