lois and andrew

reverence and youth

kiama wedding

Good. Selfless. These are words that bandied around often when talking about people but rarely do you meet anyone who embodies them so wholeheartedly.

In Lois’ sister’s speech, she mentioned that Lois is the kind of person you want to call for good news. Even I can testament to that. I first met these two almost a year ago, and ever since Lois has commented on almost every wedding I’ve shared, congratulating these complete strangers and telling them how happy and in love they look. At one point I actually began looking forward to her comments before I posted things. I say that as no reflection of me, but simply to show that she’s the kind of person that goes out of her way to make people, even those she has never met, feel uplifted and joyous and excited about whatever they are doing.

Andrew is not dissimilar. When his best man was sick in high school and hospital bound, he visited him every single day - for 9 months - until he recovered and was discharged. I feel like such a thing can tell you a great deal about someone.

That two such genuine, kind human beings found each other so young makes me very happy and, again, shows that sometimes high school love affairs do last. For a couple so young, they already have 6 years, broad swathes of the world and a whole load of stories and experiences together under their belt, and took to the day with a reverence, depth and passion that belies their years.

We could not have been gifted with a more perfect day.