care & grace

little bay wedding

I actually went to primary school with Steve, and when he reached out to me about his wedding I was both excited and nervous - I always feel extra pressure to perform with people I know. Steve and I hadn't seen each other in quite some time and in the intervening years he had studied, seen some of the world, taken on and then given up a highly successful finance job, decided to instead dedicate his life to something other than himself, and met a girl who would eventually say I do to him in front of everyone they cared for. Lauren and himself are now both studying together, in the service of something greater than them both. 

It's always great to see two people who spend their lives in the service of others, enjoy a day that is all about them - even if they dislike being the centre of attention. 

I see a lot of weddings, and a lot of newlyweds, but few people have shown me the depth of feeling and reverence that these two displayed. In these moments I sometimes feel somewhat a voyeur, intruding on this intimate, beautiful moment when two people have a quiet moment of reflection within this otherwise whirlwind day, and the reality of it all comes crashing home. 

This day, for me, really brought home the fact that emotion trumps all. Give me two people overflowing with feeling and love and reverence over sweeping vistas and epic sunsets any day.



PS I put together a little video, but if you want to just scroll through the highlights just keep going down.