katie and ed

irreverence and heart

northbridge sailing club

The moment Ed lay eyes on Katie he burst into tears that he didn't try to hide, and both of them were visibly reigning in emotions as they read their vows. The ceremony reflected them both - irreverent but with a giant heart. Not one's to be the centre of attention, the ceremony was short, the speeches few, but the food and wine and dancing and conversations went on all night. 

Their story is one of modern love. They got together young and did some growing together, then spent a few years apart and did some growing on their own, before coming back together and realising that this is where they wanted to be all along. It show's that not everyone gets everything right the first time round, and that you need the right person and the right time for love and life to fall together.

The day took place at the stupidly picturesque northbridge sailing club, which had never hosted a wedding before, and Ed and Katie did all the organising and styling themselves, and knocked it out of the park. Also, first wedding where the cake was cut not by a knife, but a sword. Go big or go home.