karen and criz

a love story in three parts

maui, HI

Where to begin.

Even had this not been in some far flung tropical paradise, this still would have been one of my favourites. 

These two met in high school after Criz' family emigrated from the Phillipines. On their first date they couldn't talk much as, still new to the country, Criz couldn't speak much english. Still, something sparked, and they got together shortly after. That first (largely silent I gather) date was a little over 14 years and a child ago, and they married on the other side of the world, on the day of their 14th anniversary. 

People define love in a lot of different ways, but, to me, a huge part of it is finding someone that makes you feel like a little kid again. Every time we went adventuring together and I left them alone for a moment, the teasing and prodding and laughter and games would begin, and didn't let up for the whole stay.

To have such a childlike sense of playfulness after 14 years (and an actual child) together is something to be truly celebrated, and gives me hope for them, and for the rest of us. It's evident that these two have fun in the purest sense of the word together, and that each is a source of endless joy for the other. Maybe because their relationship resonated with me so much (and reflects what I find so important in my relationship) I told Karen as much when we had a few quiet moments together just before the ceremony, and maybe because nerves were running high, and maybe because by this point we had spend a few days together, but tears started streaming down both our faces. It was as honest a testament to as I could give to them both.

The ceremony (much like their relationship) was conducted with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but full of love and meaning and significance at the same time, surrounded by all the people they care for.



PS Get a cup of tea, this is a long one.

part one - dawn