third times a charm

watsons bay

A girl from the Amazon and a boy from Perth walk into a bar. Sounds like the start of a bad joke, turns out it was the start of a great story. 

I'll let you in on a secret. This wasn't a wedding. Josh and Dani had already been married twice for good measure (once in Brazil and once to make it official on paper), but wanted to gather all their nearest and dearest back home for a festival de amor for all those that couldn't make it to the Brazilian AmazonSo, they set up a simple wooden alter and a dozen chairs in a sun-lit park overlooking the harbour, asked a friend to officiate, and declared their love for one another in front of their closest friends, family, and a few stray dogs looking to play fetch.

Despite being already married (twice) and despite living together as such for a year, there were still tears, there were still heartfelt speeches, and, perhaps best of all, the moment they were declared man and wife (again / still), they quite literally threw their hands up in the air in celebration and couldn't wipe the grins off their faces. Watching them, you would never have guessed they were already married - they appeared every inch a young, exuberant couple, drunk on the feeling of being newlyweds and enamoured with their lot in life, and each other. 

If watching these two throwing a lovefest for everyone who missed out on the original wedding showed me anything, its that a wedding day isn't just about two people. Its about community. Its about sharing this feeling you have with everyone you hold dear and letting it lift and buoy them. Its about bringing together and intertwining people and lives and stories and friendships and families. 

As a side note, let it never be said that Brazilians don't know how to celebrate.