love and non-tradition

wylie's baths wedding

Weddings, as time goes by, aren't as much about representing the start of something as they are about acknowledging an existing truth. The vast majority already of engaged couples already live together and have for some time and don't represent the typical couple that was around when the tradition was formed.  So take the traditions you like, cast aside those you don't, spend money on things that bring you joy and ignore the things that won't. The day is yours, do with it what you will.

That's what these two did. Instead of the usual routine, they met up to share a moment in private before the ceremony. A first look. It was beautiful. A moment to to see and bask in each other without the pressure of a thousand eyes on them, to interact and laugh and cry and stare in disbelief and make out and do whatever the hell they wanted to do for as long as they want to do it before heading off to get married. It was magic.

I see a lot of married couples, but few had the joy and emotion writ clear across their faces as these two. There's a photo below, just after the ceremony where, after all the formalities are said and done, they have a moment to themselves, and Alex has Ellen wrapped in his arms,  the relief and joy and love and a thousand little feelings are all visible in their facial expressions, in the way she clings to him like there's nothing else she would rather be doing, no where else she would rather be. It was a privilege to witness, and document.

Their story. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Before they are even officially dating boy flies half way across the world to look after girl during a difficult period. Girl falls in love with boy. They move in together and host a rotating roster of their friends in their spare room, each of whom give testament of how each adds to the other. The rest is history.