ankita and nigel

adventure session

scheyville national park

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These two first started chatting on that bastion of 90’s high school communication and facilitator of many a high school romance, MSN messenger (cue repressed memories of screen names with embarrassingly earnest song lyrics and overdoing the old appear offline / online trick to make sure that cute guy / girl you said two words to at a house party last weekend notices your online… just me? cool). Unlike the other 99.9% of us who’s high school flings lasted a grand total of 9.5 days, Ankita and Nige are still going strong over 8 years in and are getting in married in 9 month’s time.

We went for a late afternoon walk through an empty (and technically closed - lucky they are both pretty adventurous) national park on a 30 plus degree day, exploring the bush and some old grain silos to escape the heat. As the sun filtered down through the scrub and gumtrees a few kangaroo’s appeared, it was a beautiful, quintessentially Australian afternoon.