franklins and joy

nielsen park, vaucluse

These two are all about joy. 

People express love in different ways.  Some through intimacy and touch. Some through language and affirmation. For these two, actions definitely speak louder than words. Not being much for public affection, I've rarely seen two people interact so consistently with such a palpable sense of fun. It seemed every time I looked at them one, or both, had a big old cheeky grin on their face, or was laughing uproariously at the other. It seemed like they had decided life was a series of jokes which only they were in on, a secret club for two, and they were intent on sharing every moment of hilarity together.

The day was, like them, unpretentious and direct, and a celebration in every sense of the word. Not just of them. But of their friends. Their family. Their story. And it was a hell of a lot of fun, I may have even missed a good shot or two because I was trying to reign in my laughter at various points.

Also, plus 10 for a simpsons quote during the speeches (marriage is like an orange), and plus 20 for Clare rocking out like no ones business to Metallica at the end of the night. Doesn't get much more joyous than that.