reverential joy

gunners barracks engagement, mosman

These two were into each other with an intensity that belies the relative youth of their relationship and bordered on reverence. Whenever they were in proximity to one another hands would instinctively search out and clasp, wistful glances would be exchanged as if to check in and say, yes, this is real, this is happening, we are here. When the three of us ventured off to take some shots of the three of them after the sun went down at Mosman, I almost felt as if I was trespassing on this intimate, beautiful moment that I had absolutely no right nor reason to be a part of, but was incredibly grateful for. I have zero doubts these two are going to go the distance, and it couldn't happen to two more genuine people.

If this was just the engagement, I can't wait to see the actual wedding. 

Also, shout-out to the attendees who, realising I hadn't been to a Coptic ceremony before (may have been slightly obvious the first time someone ululated and I jumped three feet into the air) and didn't speak a word of Coptic Egyptian, wildly gesticulated to me whenever something important was about to happen. Another big shout out to the mother of bride (to be), who displayed great Egyptian hospitality and told me to sit down and relax and enjoy myself at both lunch and dinner under the threat of making me a plate of food and forcing me to stop and eat. Another one to Sydney, for putting on a stunning winter afternoon, and to anyone involved in any way, I was honoured to be involved and had a freaking blast.



PS I heard rumours there was a Dragonite floating around Gunners Barracks at the time of the reception. If that doesn't prove your engagement party was special, what does?