looks and laughter

sydney wedding

As a photographer, its my job to notice things. Small details, little interactions, fleeting glances, these are all things that keep an ever watchful eye out for and try to capture. I noticed early on (and kept on noticing) the way he would look at her when she wasn't watching. Like he was half enamoured and half checking to make sure she was still there and that this was all real. (He even remembers the exact time she first messaged him after they met, many years ago - what a legend). It was beautiful to see.

These two were a lot of fun, and seem to have a lot of fun together. When we went for a bit of an explore, it felt like every time I stopped talking for 5 seconds they were in there own little world, giggling mirthfully at some private joke that was there's to share.

Braydon comes from a big family (6 boys - holy hell), and you can tell that family (and friends who fall into almost the same category) are clearly vital to both of them. The girls got ready at one of Shannon's best friends beautiful houses who has 3 kids, and the comfort and love the kids showed both Braydon and Shannon (and they gave back) showed they were clearly surrogate aunty and uncle, dancing the night away with them till 11 at night. Sometimes you can just tell a couple are going to make fantastic, and eager, parents, and this was definitely one of them (Incidentally they told the two girls the whole thing was flower girl day - genius).

Cockatoos crashed the party, storms threatened, flower girls enjoyed a day that was (at least in their minds) all for them, and two people who were seemed to treat every second in each others presence as a gift were joined.

Then the DJ dropped some classics and everybody (including a large contingent of tiny humans) went absolutely nuts til all hours of the night. It was a blast. 



PS Little kids running amok at weddings make everybody stoked. Especially photographers. Well, me atleast.