a trans pacific romance


2 continents. 6 dogs. 140 guests. 2 people.

What a day. What a wedding. What a celebration. Sam and Lucy met several years ago in romantic Las Vegas, not on some heaving, dimly lit Vegas super-club dance floor, but on opposing teams in a debate tournament. That being said, let it not be said that they don't know how to throw a good party - I legitimately felt guilty about how much fun I was having.

The journey that started on the strip continued in Australia's answer to Vegas, Katoomba, on a beautiful balmy, sunny Saturday. The day epitomised everything great about summer weddings, a young couple in love, a ridiculously idyllic backdrop and event space, warm days, cool nights, tears of joy, fantastic people and raucous celebration. 

I counted myself lucky to be able to witness, let alone capture, the story of these two absolute legends in such a perfect place, on such a perfect day. The indescribable joy, love and sense of fun written on their (and everyone else's for that matter) faces was infectious, plain for all to see, and made my job the easiest thing in the world.