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gunners barracks wedding

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When I first met these two, Marnie had braved an incoming flu to come meet me and could barely speak. The moment I walked into her hotel room the morning of the wedding, I was immediately greeted like an old friend, and I had to remind myself a few minutes later that I was here to document, not chat and hang out. Later in the day after vows and tears and signings and speeches were out of the way, they both came up to me multiple times throughout the night to check I was having fun, and see if I needed a drink. I say this not to make it about me, but to show that these two are such kind and warm-hearted people that the will go out of their way to make sure their photographer, who've they've met once before, over a year ago, is having fun. 

Their story. They had known each other for years - and each had an eye on the other - but the timing was just never quite right, until it was, and life was never the same again. It was evident watching them, and hearing the words of those closest to them, that these are two people who lift each other, who inspire and push and tug and make each other better versions of themselves just by their presence in each others' lives. It was beautiful to see, and it was a beautiful day. 

Also, this was definitely the first metal-and-hardcore-fuelled dance floor I've seen at a wedding. It was rockin'.



venue - Gunners Barracks

celebrant - Married by Josh

videography - Calum Riddell