madeleine & mikey

hawkesbury valley wedding

These two met in high school, when exam marks and formals and awkward teenage parties and ear stretchers where still a thing, and now have a house,  the starts of a couple of successful careers and the beginnings of a life together. They met in the backyard of a house party, spent the whole rest of the night chatting and ignoring everyone else, and both told me they immediately recognised something intrinsically different about the other. People grow and mature into who they are a lot between 16 and your late twenties, and they've done it all side by side, influencing and guiding and supporting one another along the way.

Both of them, but Madeleine in particular, had such an expression of unfiltered joy on their face’s all day long. For a couple so young, but that have already spend the better part of 9 years together, it was beautiful to see that in the age of Tindr and instant gratification, fairytales like high school romances can still flourish.