brick house lovin'

wanda beach wedding


A wedding is a lot of things to a lot of people. To some it’s a rite of passage, an excuse for a extravagant soiree, or an intimate, reverential event. This particular celebration was all about joy. Never have I heard a crowd clap so enthusiastically, or for such a sustained amount of time, as when these two first embraced as wife and man, and the jubilation didn’t abate until some 6 hours later after speeches, tears, dancing horse heads and sing-alongs, some overly enthusiastic topless (groomsmen) dancing and a whole lot of hearty, laughter filled embraces.

From the minute I walked into Liz’s house in the morning, I was treated more like a guest than the hired help, which to me says a lot about someone. It always buoys me to come across two such loving, genuine people, who are so deservingly happy with a large group of friends and family rallying around them to share in the jubilation, and I couldn’t help but get swept up in it.

Just like the day, their relationship seemed to me to be one centred on shared joy. When we went for a late afternoon wander, every time I walked away to give them some space I would hear Cams booming laugh coming at me. I take literally thousands of photos on a wedding day, and in barely a handful of them is Liz not grinning when Cam was nearby.



PS – Congrats Shmoopie