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"Book Dane right now before he gets snapped up - that's my one piece of advice to anyone reading this. We both believe he was the absolute best decision we made when planning our wedding. Four things made Dane amazing for us

(1) he didn't construct fake moments, he captured real ones - which means every time we look at the photos we get emotional, because we can remember exactly what was happening in that moment

(2) He made us feel so so comfortable, and had so many magic tricks up his sleeve to enable us to just relax and be ourselves, and enjoy our day together

(3) he is a generally awesome person- which is pretty important if you are going to have him around you on your wedding day

(4) we barely noticed him, yet he seemed to capture every moment - this sounds odd, but it meant we could just enjoy ourselves and not feel awkward about someone photographing us (because half the time we didn't even notice). Dane thank you for being so amazing - you surpassed every expectation we had!"


Hi there

Moments move me.

I consider myself first and foremost a documentarian and observer and I think the best images inevitably derive from the moments in between moments (a fleeting glance, a subtle interaction) and best tell the real story of a day, a person, a relationship.

Mostly I want to tell the true story of your day as it played out and as it will exist in your head for years to come - the emotion, the silliness, the seriousness, and everything in between. I like to combine this with a few relaxed, naturally posed portraits (as well as a few creative ones) to tell the narrative not of just a wedding day, but of you and your relationship to each other as well. I want people who have never met you before to be able to see the images and get a sense of who you are, both as individuals and to each other.

Every time I capture a perfect moment, it gives me an indescribable rush. A joy. I work hard to get those moments. Let me create images for you that give you that same feeling. Let me tell and preserve your story for a lifetime.