katherine and hori

south coast wedding


One of the thing’s I love most about this job is the fact I get invited into the most intimate parts of people’s lives for a day, to witness things and exchanges and moments and cultures I might never otherwise.

Hori’s grandma, in the months before the wedding, oversaw the hand stitching of an enormous shawl for him to wear, which every member of the family contributed to. The sentiment being that he, now being separated from them in his new marriage, can put the shawl around him whenever he is particularly feeling their separation, and they will be with him. She even incorporated Greek symbology into the design to reflect Katherine’s heritage.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t set a lot of store by tradition if it doesn’t make sense, or if it doesn’t honestly reflect you or your life. From the shawl, to the song of welcome and respect sung by his family at the commencement of the reception (which I didn’t know about and caused me to break out in goosebumps) to the Haka performed to them both (and responded to in kind by Hori), it was a reminder that some traditions are worth preserving.

It wasn’t just the macro, however, that made the day memorable.

Both of them, but Katherine in particular, has such an expression of unfiltered joy on their face’s all day long. For a couple so young, but that have already spend the better part of 9 years together, it was beautiful to see that in the age of Tindr and instant gratification, fairytales like high school romances can still flourish.