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national art school wedding

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Jess(ica) and Jesse. 

Jess and Jesse met through mutual friends at a share house Jess was living in at the time. Jesse, somewhat enamoured with Jess, decided that discretion was not the better part of valour and proceeded to keep turning up at the house (at least - thats the way Jess tells it) .Taken by his kindness, intelligence, and way of seeing the world, Jess realised she felt the same and they've been together ever since.

Both of them, in their own way, work in fields to empower the people around them. Jesse, through teaching cultural studies and critical thinking at UTS, and Jess, as a resident nutritionist and dietician in a Sydney hospital. She also, years ago on a trip to Tasmania, started a a government funded nutrition programme for the school children of refugee's and asylum seekers, who have neither the money nor resources to ensure their children get adequate nutrition in a strange new country. What a legend.

The day took place in the National Art School in Darlinghurst, formerly a prison, and now also one of the more stunning and non-traditional wedding venues the city has to offer (the ceremony was held in what was once the woman's prison wing) . I could literally spending all day shooting and exploring all its nooks and secret little corners, and was grateful for the opportunity to explore it in the presence of such joy.

In the morning, Jess' sister Rachel surprised her (after getting her permission) with a door to door bagpipe escort from their Airbnb just down the road, in possibly the most spine tingling and impressive walk-to-the-church I've seen. Jess, her parents and her bridesmaids, being led down a suburban inner-city street by a Scotsman in full regalia was certainly a sight to behold, but also a beautiful, meaningful gesture.

During the speeches, Jess confided that growing up she wasn't comfortable around a lot of people, but that Jesse makes her feel at ease with the world and the people in. It was a particularly beautiful sentiment in a day full of them, and I was particularly grateful to have been called up atto  witness and document the day when they required a new photographer at the last minute.