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q-station wedding

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Sometimes meeting the right person isn't enough. Sometimes you have to meet them at the right time, at the right place, for everything to fall together. 

Such was the case for these two. They met, and briefly dated, and for reasons inexplicable to either of them it didn't really last. But each thought often of the other, and one of Jane's best friends even asked her why that Jeremy guy wasn't around as she was was sure the two of them were going to get married one day. Fast forward a few years and the inexplicable parting had been amended, they were getting married, and Jane was one of the most visibly ecstatic brides I've had the pleasure of seeing, and had a look pretty similar to that in the photo above pretty much all day (Jeremy looked pretty stoked with himself too). They have such a palpable sense of fun and joy when they are together it made documenting it all the easiest job in the world.

Things to look out for - a whole bunch of tender moments between Jane and her dad interspersed throughout the day, a particularly impressive dance floor leg guitar,  Jane's young nephew's severely unimpressed face as he accidentally eats the skin of watermelon, the look of unabashed joy on Jane's face in literally every photo where its visible. As always it is these quiet, unheralded moments that often speak the loudest to me.

The wedding was emotive and heartfelt, the venue (Q Station) provided a quintessentially beautiful Australiana backdrop, the food was delicious and plentiful, and the dance floor raged all night. What more can you ask.




Shout out to the legends at We Play Records for getting the dance floor kicked off well before dinner was served (..this almost never happens) and keeping it chock full until the wee hours.

Special mention must also go to Sarah from Flower Crown Florals who not only put together some freaking beautiful bouquets, set pieces and decorated the arch but was also went above and beyond the call of duty to fix wayward suit buttons and help salvage a cake situation gone awry and generally help out all day.