the high school sweethearts

pazar food collective, canterbury

Despite being two of the most relaxed, easy going people I have ever met, these two seem unable to do anything without a bit of a ruckus. The night it began, Owen was knocked unconscious (both metaphorically and literally - by Emma and a slippery pool party respectively) - the night it was sealed, the heavens opened, lightning flashed, thunder roared, and a downpour heavier than Sydney had seen in quite some time greeted them into matrimony.

The day was much like them, no fuss but full of good things and very relaxed (we all got completely saturated when the rain came pouring down about 2.5 minutes into their portrait session and they barely blinked an eyelid despite the effect on clothes and hair). No bridal party, no elaborate gowns and jewels, just a decorated shipping container, a short ceremony, some heartfelt speeches (with requisite tears from some big bearded gentlemen), and an excuse to gather all the people they loved in one room. 

Im always buoyed when I see two people who have been together for more than a little while (12 years in their case) still displaying just as much passion as you would expect to see in a relationship that is still in its infancy. The two brief moments we took some alone time throughout the day, I told them just to relax and do their thing, the the first thing they do is start making out like a couple of randy teenagers (well, maybe slightly more reserved and with a little more refinement). It shows me that in the age of Tinder and Happn and instant gratification, two people can still retain a certain spark. It gives me hope, for them and for the rest of us. 

So heres to passion, and to hope, and to summer storms.

And to delicious, spicy tacos.