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When I first got to know Charlie, we were both working away from home in far north Queensland, and Charlie would begin most every day by blaring James Brown with the volume turned up to 11 at about 0530 in the morning. The man's loves were motorcycles, his Impala, and Superbad (the '70s soul classic, not the 2000s comedy). There was even a time (read - up until about 3 years ago) where Charlie's mum was worried he was spending too much time with the Impala, and not enough time trying to find a girl.

Fast forward a few years and the eternal Mr Fix, having moved to Canberra, has ventured over to a friends house to help them repair their chicken coup, where he meets a girl that makes all things mechanical move down a rung or two on the priority list. They now have their very own chicken coup, double garage, and burgeoning little home amongst the endless green of Canberra where Michelle can grow all manner of plants and Charlie can tinker with his toys, and they have the beginnings of a life together.