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Where to start? This was a big, beautiful, unique (face painting and roaming magicians anyone?) day which started in the little inner-city oasis that is the Chinese Garden of Friendship and ended with one hell of a party Venue 505, one of city's lesser known and more under-rated venues. That isn't to say, however, that it wasn't without heart.

And holy hell what heart it is. Bec and Mitch met less than a year ago after Bec, moving to Sydney from WA to chase down a long held journalism dream, stumbled upon an ad Mitch had placed on a FB group advertising a room in the share house he was living in at the time. The two exchanged messages, each impressed with the others GIF banter (a thoroughly modern romance), and the first inklings of a mutual attraction were formed. A few short days after Bec moved in, the two shared a sneaky smooch on the living room couch after talking through the night and almost til morning, and only a few days after that Mitch told Bec he knew they were going to get married, have kids, and live happily ever after. That was a little over 11 months ago, and I'll be damned if they aren't living up to their own (incredibly lofty) ambitions. 

This was the done the way weddings should be done - keeping the traditions that mean something to you and disregarding the ones that don't. There was no bridal party, just a one of their best friend's standing by their side.  They had a tea ceremony after the official one (Bec is half Chinese), because some traditions are worth preserving, but had face painters and a magician at the reception - the dress code of which was shnazzy - because tradition shouldn't get in the way of a palpable sense of party.

A few favourite moments to look out for 

  • the look on Bec's mums face as she see's Bec, blending traditional Chinese and western aeshetics with a modern-cut red dress, all ready to go

  • Mitch and his dad sharing a phone call, and then a long embrace, after speaking to Mitch's nan (with whom he is super close and writes letters to) who couldn't be there on the day due to her health

  • the roving magician blowing minds left right and centre

  • the personalised beers Mitch had brewed and canned for the day

  • painted faces, including Bec's

  • in general, the way he looks at her

  • in general, the way she looks at him

Thanks for having me ya big legends.



PS Settle in with a tea (or a personalised porteUS brew if you got one) - this is gonna be a big'un